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00lorted's Rap Sheet

Level 6
Health:   3,790/3,790
Cash: $0
Prison: San Quentin
Incarcerated: 11 years, 14 days
Last Seen: 10 years, 1 day ago

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Inmate Blurb:



KING:   SONNY12456

1st Leader: Axxent

2nd Leader: King_Bones

3rd Leader: ScottMcandrew

Captain: Sleepyhead


Co-Captain: 00lorted

Recruiters: KINGRICO,, 00LORTED

DLOW,, kbax,, jbreezyy,, kingking12,, R0b0raT,, JerseyMase,, icetrey,,
BMINUS,,  jkhalifa123,, norml,, daveh182,, pyrowolf,, StarLito,,
Juicey,, woggie,, david7777777,, big_dog,, MitchellGarton
Kings:  Aelfricpope,, 101stLurp,, Briandufault,, Lynch,, miles99,, pricelezz_loc
NEW RECRUITS: bcb82688,,straightgudda,, BabyLugo,,TrapTalk,, Relentless27,, mcgovo,, four,, ElliotGreenaway,, Mafia,, BadAssDude,, GodlyBastard,,tha_joker95,, wagbo83,, yungiv1,, mikeholliday,, headbuster,, BIGkeylo



Leader 1: Happy_209

Leader 2: Lisa2010

Leader 3:  gangstababy912

ACTIVE Queens:  3ly_b3b3,, pinky_cheeks,, BADBITCH187,,  samantha230,, TootyFruity
QUEENS: dhatsinglechikk,, bob4747
NEW RECRUITS: H00d13x420,, Darkness5728,, Bootygurl313

Bloodz,, Jagger mafia,, 6 DUCE BRIM PIRU BLOODS,, GOTTI MOB GANG,, 


Colors and Accessories: Black and Gold/Yellow. Always have a tear drop on your eye. Meaning: Ride or Die.

1.Treat fellow Gang members like Family members, same with Allies. WE LIKE FAMILY SO U CANT LEAVE FAMILY.

2.Must log in at least every 3 days, if not you will have to pay $5,000
to the Boss and $3,000 to the leaders.If you are going to be away for a
while tell kingrico or Sonny12456

3.Never attack higher level players, you will most likely lose.

4.Dont join are gang and then join another gang or we will kick your ass

5.Let KINGRICO and 00LORTED know when you hit a new level.

6.If you have any problems with anybody or if they constantly keep
beating your ass tell KINGRICO and he will tell the rest of the gang.

7.Add every King on KINGRICO’S profile and introduce yourself.

8.If you have any problems with some of the kings tell KINGRICO and he will fix the problem.

9.Obey orders from KINGRICO and your Leaders.If you have a problem with your order tell KINGRICO or 00LORTED

10.Save up for a Bank Account right away so you can put your money in so
if anyone mugs you they wont take anything. And make sure everytime you
log out put your money in the Bank Account.

11.Dont forget to vote everyday so you can save up for Cell Amenities.

12.You can make money by searching the yard,doin the game in the grave
yard, Getting a job, Doing crimes that pay, go to the game room, and become

13.Make money.

14.Make sure you work out alot.

15.If you have any ideas or someone to join tell darbyshit

16.Make sure you update your profile every week, Leaders every 2
days. (Make sure you copy off of Sonny12456,, happy_209 or kingrico's profile.)

This is more than just a gang its like a family.We will help you learn
the point of the game, and if anyone messes with you  tell

If you want to join Ask KingRico or the recruiter and they
will get it approved with KINGRICO.If i dont answer your message right
away i am busy doing stuff, But i will try to respond ASAP,and send me
a message again to remind me.Thank you!