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09261991's Rap Sheet

Level 3
Health:   1,080/1,080
Cash: $33,553
Prison: New Jersey
Incarcerated: 14 years, 29 days
Last Seen: 13 years, 3 months ago

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Inmate Blurb:




anyone can join

mug and attack and raid everyone and anyone



HITLIST--attack these people when you get the chance

---Dyelonbird is a fake


President- Custombuild

Vice Presidents- hippyhair and dontfkwithme

-daleboi lvl6



-jortikka lv4

-lilr lvl4

-MRBellamy23 lv3

-Bigestdog lv3




-nickb lvl5

-Dellis lvl4


-09261991 lvl1

-lilj lvl 1

-stevof  lvl 1

-Aris0709 lvl 4 

-Slowly  lvl1


-Barbarian2k2 lvl 2 

-KingEmil lvl2

-PheTomenal   lvl 5 --- TOP NEW JERSEY SOLDIER 


-ewilldagreatest  lvl1

-09051998 lvl 5

-Hsuhsn  lvl 3


-hitman47 lvl1

-Paablo  lvl 2

-Burns3 lvl 5

-brogan_89  lvl 5

-HODGIE  lvl 3

-Moroccan  lvl 2

-BOB_MARLEY  lvl 5

-1987  lvl 3

-Darwick01  lvl3 

-IrishKing  lvl 2

-SilverChick lvl 6

-Darking lvl 4

-dean543  lvl3


-noxim lvl 2

-Fowlerboy  lvl 2


-fang7897 lvl 2 

-TREY15 lvl 3

-DBOSS23  lv1

-Kurpita33  lvl 4

-odaseey  lvl1

-dontfkwithme  lvl 7 ---CELL RAIDER CAPTAIN ---- VICE-PRESIDENT

-nightmare420 lvl 3

-lilk   lvl  3

-RayRizz   lvl 3

-sheezyshocks  lvl 2


-BlackRob  lvl 3

-NocturnalNick  lvl 5

-ASHERS  lvl 5


-Hixy  lvl 5

-slit lvl 3

-monk lvl 6


-sren lvl 2

-Elementar lvl 5

-TurkeyyHart lvl 6

-Sair lvl6

-Moneyman5   lvl 6 -----RAIDER

-custombuild  lvl 7

-hippyhair  lvl 8 ------RULE ENFORCER -------VICE PRESIDENT

-BeastieBhoy lvl 7

-jpcomp lvl 5

-asdfg lvl 6 

-jontheman lvl 5 

-Dumberman lvl 7

-KevKi lvl 7  

-jeano lvl 7



-THE OUTCASTS ---leader---PauloLage

-NYC SUICIDAL GANGSTERZ  ---leader--gangsterboy




banking system give us money and u get a small protion of it when

u need it and only when u need it and u have to put in more than

10k or 10k to use it. more u put in the shows what person has

what amount of money that person got form the shares. and we will put

your name under our name that u gave the money to so u dont scam us.


hippyhair-0k                                                                    dontfkwithme-0k


u can only take 30percent of this money out at a time u can take more a

day just see what else u can do with the 30percent first before u keep

taking it all out and what u really need it for. we can make a

resonable thing for u but if u take money out every day becaseu u cant

save money for #$%^. then talk with us we can give tips on makiing and

saveing money. and to stay in the system thier will be a 15k weekly fee

to keep that money flowing in just so u know the more money we get they

hihger 30 percent goes up. think of it this way for every 10k thats

3k=the 30percent only 100k and 30k so keep this in mind we will be

talking wiht u to make sure we know what u r doing wiht it. this will

be a great system if u dont fk with it.   "