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1caramel1's Rap Sheet

Level 2
Health:   580/580
Cash: $25,315
Prison: New Jersey
Incarcerated: 10 years, 9 months
Last Seen: 10 years, 6 months ago

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Inmate Blurb:


Locomofo Killers(still part of killerclickmafia if u want 2 switch ova no problem)
Position can be earn by earn my Respect and being Loyal, also a best out of three battle. just a tip dont join if you not going be on frequently. 
1. NO attacking other family member
2. You are free to attack and mug but no starting war with out LocoMofo, BoneCrusher15, Luckett601, warlord and underboss permission but they will be in charged of the whole war.
3. No begging for money , or any thing else if you do i will take care you personal. 
4. You are allow 2 leave the gang for 10k dont pay and see what happen.
5. Since we are family we try and help each other by any way possible but even family say no.
6. Vote on the voting links all three times every day.
7. Train every time your energy fill up and search the yard.
8. Also for extra money go to Explore Prison, go to graveyard, then click old grave game.
9. If anybody want to know more about their position or want to know wat all they can do ask me.
10. Be on at least twice or one a week or get kick out, unless you inform me.
11. Our colors are black and gray
12/. If you feel like you earn a position more than a person let me, locomofo, or luckett601 know and we will let yall have a battle only when both of you have full hp and stamina and who every wins earn the position. 
President: LocoMofo  
Body guards: requirements 5000 all stats
Prospect: Who every he choses  
Vice President: BoneCrusher15 
Prospect: My choice 
Body guards: requirements 5000 all stats 
Don: luckett601 
Underboss1: requirements 3000 all stats or who ever luckett601 trust bcuz dis the person who get the position work n take over wen luckett601 not around
Capo 1: requirements 2000 all stats
Capo 2: Boosie187
Capo 3: requirements 1000 all stats
Grim reaper: Just be ruthless or get on the brawler or hit list, must be strong.
Murder: be one of the top people and the gang and you earn this position 
warlord: jester999
5 star general: 2000 stats all or level 6
4 star general: 1750 stats all or level 5
3 star general: 1500 stats all 
2 star general: 1000 stats all 
1 star general: ryder24
5*Vato: 400 stats all
4*Vato: 300 stats all
3*Vato: 200 Stats all
1*Vato: 100 stats all
Solider:  HeartOfaKilla, iErnst, eseleepyloko13,  teeteeta4, Wolfshadow, KennethRozier, kill02, OG_Reaper
YoungVatos: jakey457, JeremiahBelin 
LADY General: 1caramel1
LADY Locos: 
LADY Soliders: