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BigWheel's Rap Sheet

BigWheel [RPR]
Level 35
Health:   1,152,311/1,152,311
Cash: $4,231,480
Prison: South Dakota
Incarcerated: 8 years, 7 months
Last Seen: 1 hour, 49 minutes ago

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Inmate Blurb:

" All items for sale and lots of amenities pp spy then make offer thanks will trade for looking to buy list on profile Dvd list at 35 favors each spy me and let know if want some items

BigWheel#2542 discord!!!
If get spy event from me most likely is because I want to see what your training cell looks like currently trying to better my gym gains
If being mugged it is for exp unless war is on

Looking to buy the amenities below!
Missing Link,Animal Crossing,Pro Gaming Rig x3,Valerian x2,Iron man 2 IMAX x2,Popped! Vinyl:Bday 2020,The Mummy,Captain Marvel,HanaGo Down x3,Popped! Vinyl:Leprechaun,Devil May Cry 5 (XB1),Super Bowl LIV Trophy,Small Foot x2,Diary of a wimpy kid:The long haul,Zookeeper x5,Jumanji:Next Level,69ers 2020 MVP Trophy,Block Bowl 2020 Trophy,Earth Day 2020 Medal-Gold,OhMiBod Fuse,Trolls World Tour,Queefs 2020 MVP TROPHY,Flashlight Launch,Toy Story 3 IMAX 3D x3 and Personal Computer

Selling the following amenities for favors or items!
2019 calendar
exercise bike
baggers 2017 MVP trophy
felons 2017 MVP trophy x2
haunted toilet x8
lucky rabbits foot
small air purifier
50 shades freed
captain underpants
evil dead
get him to the Greek
Jonah hex
Peter rabbit
puss in boots x2
Solitary man
The fate of the furious
The autopsy of Jane Doe
Toy story 3
Transformers:dark of the moon x3
War for the planet of the apes x2
chess set
dead rising 2 (XBOX360)
dead rising 2 (PS3)x2
just dance 2018 (switch)
L.A. Noire (XBOX)
Mario Kart 8 deluxe
super Mario odyssey
Easter baskette
Predator x3

09/25/2020 5:02pmYou opened the PC Mystery Kit ... and found a protected Old Toilet!

09/28/2020 12:00amCONGRATS! You won second prize in this week's lottery! You've received the following items: Beer x 4,771 Clover x 100 Frog Legs x 24 Ruby Slippers x 6 Cherry Pie x 3 Dried Jerky x 1

You've sent IMFAMI 50,000 Bottle of Waters and were charged a $100 fee

You've sent Marlowe 100 Ruby Slipperss, 100 Raw Weeds, 100 Egg Nogs, 125 Fortune Cookies, 100 Stein of Waters, 100 Can of Beanss, 200 Cherry Pies, 350 Large Bottle of Waters, 300 Tequilas, 5,000 Health Shakes, 3 2017 Champagnes, 1 Green Egg(Old)s, 37 Clovers, 88 Frozen Fishs, 35 Caffeine Pillss and were charged a $100 fee

09/07/2020 3:26pmYou sent 183 Paddy's Pints, 2 Candy Corns, 949 Clovers, 9 White Eggs, 54 Crunchy Crawdads, 4 Frozen Fishs to roxy