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Criminal [COM]
Level 32
Health:   1,287,870/1,287,870
Cash: $26,689,602
Prison: South Dakota
Incarcerated: 9 years, 4 months
Last Seen: 1 hour, 54 minutes ago

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Current T.C.B. (Training Champion Belt) Holder - JPISTOLINO

Some of my recent artwork is below vvvv

Is it worth it??

08/17/2019 2:47pmVisionz raided your cell and ran off with 1 Peanuts and 1 Red Bull and $40,884 from your bank! The Warden has changed your Cell Combo.

08/17/2019 2:47pmYour Spiderman: Homecoming snatched 20,081 Energy Drink from Visionz!

Without notice, Tinypic dot com is shutting down in 2019 smh.. crazy... Hmu so I can get u your pictures somehow.. apologies for that.. literally out of my hands

(12) 2 Dolla CDs
(1) green hornet
(20) dumbbells
(2) kung Fu Panda 2
(2) green candles
(4) iron man 2 imax
(2) chariots of fire
(21) self defense books


Criminal Criminal's Spidey Gloves snatches 21,672 Bottle of Water from 174ROBBERY

nickrox [K]
4 minutes, 54 seconds
Got mugged and beat down by Criminal [UNI]

9111337 [HPV]
7 minutes, 43 seconds
Got mugged and beat down by Criminal [UNI]

You catch biscutz, and manage to take a Cherry from him. You decide to beat the shit out of him for good measure. You earn 1,083,513,616 EXP!