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Level 38
Health:   877,560/877,560
Cash: $27,214,634
Location: South Dakota :: The Yard
Incarcerated: 10 years, 9 months
Last Seen: 30 minutes ago

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Inmate Blurb:

" roxy [ZOO] // 07.23.2020 @ 10:55amAmb didn’t loose his hair he stuck it on his chest for nba to likeand give him that attention he be searching for

roxy [ZOO] // 07.10.2020 @ 6:53pmI lasted longer on this game then ambs hair lasted

Aka: Bloodshot
Mufasa [EVL] // 04.23.2020 @ 4:05pmIn case folks forgot: don't listen to dyanmo. Dude lies for sport.

09/21/2019 6:43am
u still want to beef or we done it?
dynamoalex [AOS] miraculously caught you off guard and snatched $287,933 from you!

10- 2 dolla
9- playboy mags
2 - modern sofa
8- hot tub
3- dumbells
8- Ps4 controller
20- spring chicks
1- gold clover

Sun_Tzu [REV] // 05.17.2020 @ 3:37pmamb is like the 98 bulls, bald like mike, dresses like rodman, and corny as hell like jerry krause