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ReallySteppin's Rap Sheet

Level 20
Health:   40,200/40,200
Cash: $202,041
Prison: South Dakota
Incarcerated: 8 months, 13 days
Last Seen: 6 days, 7 hours ago

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Inmate Blurb:

" First of all


"Second of All"

"If you work hard you play hard", some come in as little boys and turn into men. Some come in as little boys or men and turn into bitches... and some just already straight up bitches hiding behind there mate lover ! We our one, we are strong, we are confident, we are loyal, we are more than relaxed, we are the great ones, and most of all we are the ones not to be fucked with ! Periodtt

$$ You break in, and make off with 8 Rolled Blunt, 41 Large Bottle of Water, 9 Red Bull, 18 Cheeseburger, 1 Chocolate Bar, 4 Large Chocolate Bar, 20 Bottle of Water, 1076 Energy Drink, 3 Bandages, 1 Adamantium Disc, 9 Health Shake and 1 Beer and $1,104 from their bank! You earn 8,750 EXP!