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liquidchaos's Rap Sheet

Level 13
Health:   16,748/16,748
Cash: $44,286
Prison: Arizona
Incarcerated: 14 years, 4 months
Last Seen: 4 years, 2 months ago

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" This is a group i am making, a clique as some may call it where
people who are part of the group must have the logo on their forum
signature and must practice good dealing to the best of their
abilities. there are a few rules, but i hope people will sign up for
this to show support for good auctions. this was inspired by
psychosteves auction thread and the elite thread which went so smoothly.
anyone who wishes to be part of this should stick by these guidelines the best they can.
1. Always use descriptive titles. This should tell people exactly
what you are selling, what you wish in return(paypal, items or
amenities) and if it is an auction or straight up sale.
2. If you say an auction is going to end at a certain time, do your best to keep to this.
3. if no bids are made 20 minutes before the end of a big auction
and someone bids on or at a minute before the end. your auction should
then be extended for a certain time to allow previous bidders to have a
chance to top it. this is affectionately named "snipe bidding".
4. do not take private bids and if you are going to, post what the
bid is on the auction thread so people have a chance to beat it. it
might sound good in a pm but you only have yourself to blame if you
lose out on money. i have seen this happen too many times.
5. dont make an auction go on for weeks unless you are leaving the game and trying to sell all your stuff at once.
6. do not hijack an auction thread. this includes posting stupidly low bids and starting fights.
7. any auction that is finished should have the final bid placed at the
end of the thread. doesnt have to have the bidder. at least just the
these are guidelines, not rules and i expect anyone who puts their
name down here to follow these to the best of their abilities. thanks
for the time

Proud member of Harlem Knights as of 28th august
Proud member of vengence from 10th march 2010 to 24th august 2010  
i don't want to join your gang. dont ask me for freebies. im looking for bags of coal. and i aint gonna pay 500k for them like someone on the market is asking. looking for 2 dumbbells too
9 minutes it took mufasa to implement an idea i put up in the suggestions box. now thats what i call service
You break in, and make off with a a Bottle of Water, a Large Bottle of
Water, a Red Bull, a Large Chocolate Bar, a Energy Drink and $1,143 from
their bank! You earn 238 EXP!
400X300 pixels for profile pics, note to myself and others who want to make one

lol spek made this pic of me in my thread titled metal detector. genius