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stevo1168 [DOB]
Level 16
Health:   25,800/25,800
Cash: $188,312,618
Prison: South Dakota
Incarcerated: 12 years, 1 month
Last Seen: 1 hour, 46 minutes ago

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You break into174ROBBERY's cell and make off with a a Zombie Flesh, a Plastic Scrap, a Apple, a Bottle of Water, a Energy Drink, a Red Bull, a Health Shake, a Wolf Teeth, a Sulphur Dust, a Toilet Paper Roll, a Bat Wing, a Gator Tooth, a Token, a Pumpkin, a Raw Weed, a Blue Ticket, a Nails, a Cotton Candy, a Rubber Scraps, a Glass Bottle, a Nuts, a Large Bottle of Water, a Raspberry Candy, a Peanuts, a Melon Candy, a Lollipop, a Jelly Beans, a Rolled Blunt, a Cranberry Juice, a Adamantium Disc, a Handle, a Beer, a Flim Flam, a Copper Triverp, a Something New, a Something Old, a Something Blue, a Flux Capacitor, a Power Ring Thingy, a Breadcrumbs, a Lime, a Wooden Plank, a Hard Disk, a Corn, a Wolf Pelt, a Cherry, a Tinsel, a Golden Ticket, a Matter Injector, a 6-Pack of Water, a Salt, a Fake Antlers, a Glowing Mushrooms, a Can of Beans, a Zombie Water, a Turkey Feather, a Candy Cane, a Rotten Cheeseburger, a Egg Nog, a Empty Water Bottle, a Bandages, a Rotten Hot Dog, a Bat Guano, a RAM Chip, a Tequila, a Hot Dog, a Cherry Pie, a Apple Pie, a Pumpkin Pie, a Cheeseburger, a Candy Corn, a Hot Chocolate, a Chocolate Egg, a Swamp Water, a Chocolate Bar, a Pink Egg, a 2012 Champagne, a Blue Egg, a Green Egg, a Ruby Slippers, a 2014 Champagne, a Large Chocolate Bar, a Big Zombie Bone, a Matches, a Bow, a Vampire Fang, a Bourbon, a Sports Ticket, a Dried Jerky, a Crunchy Crawdad, a Clover, a Pie Crust, a Dead Duck, a Pole, a 6-Pack of RedBull, a White Egg, a Slice of Block Cake, a 2011 Champagne, a 2010 Champagne, a Popcorn, a Easter Egg, a Green Beer, a Chocolate Bunny, a Doofy Shoes, a Dead Turkey, a Dead Chicken, a Horn Nose, a Wig, a Lewder Photo, a Balloon Animal, a Lewd Photo, a G-String, a Motherboard, a Ping Pong Ball, a Swimsuit, a Time Machine, a Athletic Shoe, a Lewdest Photo, a Wedding Ring, a Wedding Band, a Unconscious Lion, a Gloves, a Squirt Flower, a Petrified Banshee, a Shaft, a Empty Basket, a Bells, a Lost Infant (vanilla), a Lost Infant (chocolate), a Broken Computer, a Botox, a Alka Seltzer Tablets, a Tennis Racket, a Drunken Worm, a Head, a Driver's License, a Olympics Souvenir Photo, a Passport, a Sports Ticket, a Olympics Postcards, a Silver Medal, a Bronze Medal, a Small Mattress, a Leather Cover, a Wire, a Screws, a Clean Zombie Virus, a Zombie Antidote, a Home-made Grenade, a Molotov Cocktail, a Rag, a Voodoo Beads, a Gun Powder, a Pet Rock, a Roll, a Shot Glass, a Birth Certificate, a Paddy's Pint, a 2013 Champagne, a Gator Jerky, a Frog Legs, a Twine, a Gator Skin, a Wood Scraps, a Werewolf Canine, a Old Book, a Mystic Amulet, a Holy Hand Grenade, a Metal Scraps, a Skeleton Key, a Small Ectoplasm, a Fireplace Ash, a Bride, a Goggles, a Zombie Vomit, a Golf Club and $22,100 from their bank! You earn 8,250 EXP!