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Read BEFORE making a suggestion thread!

9 years ago  #1
Level 29
Status: offline
Gang: Evil Empire
Prison: Louisiana
Incarcerated: 11 years, 1 month
Posts: 6,751

I'm going to try to consolidate some common info here in this thread. Please don't make threads about stuff mentioned here. Do, and I will know you were too lazy to read the answers to questions that I, and others, already took the time to answer. To me, that's a sign of laziness and disrespect and I will respond in kind.

  • Mail - The mail system will be overhauled in due time. Suggestions about searching, sorting, threading etc, fall under this.
  • Avatars: If you want stuff fo your avatar please post in sangriax's avatar ideas thread ONLY.
  • Amenities/Drugs: Please use this section to suggest new gameplay ideas. Ideas about amenities and items will basically be ignored.
  • Games: We have no plan to update or expand the flash games on this site any time soon, so ideas about new games and/or issues with current games will basically be ignored.
  • Trading: A trading system was proposed and rejected. Since then we've moved on to the system we have now. There are ZERO plans for a trade system or a method to directly send amenities. Don't ask.
You should also make sure the feature you're suggesting doesn't already exists, which pretty much means if you've been playing for less than 24 hours you should refrain from posting.

Lastly, even though it may not be listed here, SEARCH before posting a suggestion, it may have been discussed before. Don't cry when you end up in iso for not searching... no one likes repeating themselves.

I'll update this thread as time goes on if needed.

7 years ago  #2
Level 6
Status: offline
Prison: Louisiana
Incarcerated: 8 years, 1 month
Posts: 299

This is an update/addition to the above:

Lately, we've had a lot of suggestions about amenity/item transfers again, or ways to change prison transport to alter the game for "runners."

No more runner-related suggestions. If we decide to change the game for runners, we'll let you know, but there's no one runner suggestion that everyone would be in support of, so none of that is changing right now.

Also, no suggesting/complaining about the gangs system on this board.

You can and will be isoed for not following suggestion board rules.


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