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Vote on the Prison Block iOS/Android App

4 months ago  #41
Level 36
Status: offline
Gang: Underground Kingz
Prison: South Dakota
Incarcerated: 12 years, 8 months
Posts: 717

Sandin shut the fuck up

17 days ago  #42
Level 32
Status: online
Prison: South Dakota
Incarcerated: 7 years, 1 month
Posts: 232

Is this app ever going to come out? It would definitely help get new players if they find it through the app store rather than a niche mmorpg click based game list website.

15 days ago  #43
Level 8
Status: offline
Prison: Putnam
Incarcerated: 19 days, 17 hours
Posts: 1

Yeah, Ima need this as an app. Woud be a big hit. get with the times my dude


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