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Bighweel admits to raping his own kids - Claims it was a joke - Lets all decide :)

7 months ago  #1
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@Bigwheel claims it was a joke - Says he was drunk, watching a youtube comedian! I think we can safely assume he means he was methed out of it. I would like to see the comedian he was watching who said he raped his own kids 'as they are his property'. You went from being a self admitted pedo to a born again christian a week later then onto a gangsta thug and now back to what I can only guess to be a pedo or some other low life.

I want to make sure everyone knows how much of a scummy little nonce cunt you are so I have made this thread that you can see

If I am proved wrong i will delete it

6 months ago  #2
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so call the cops just in case

The Syndicate will forever rule (The Tiger Blood Gang) You earn 81,144,471 EXP!~~~~~~~~~~ Inspriational quote, id destroy your dad i would actually fuck him Bigsi
2 months ago  #3
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Originally posted by JayMeal so call the cops just in case

I like that inspirational quote


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