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Bring The Old Game Play Back

1 month ago  #1
Level 38
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I personally understand you dont play the game much or bearly log on.what im trying to say is bring the old game play back for us that never cheated the game. just as my banner say i'll buy the game before i bot the game.we need them old criming and being able to purches favors with real life cash. if u giving up up on the game i got 25k to became the owner of pb.if you aint giving up on the game make shit back to normal we all stuffered long enough behide a player thats no longer here. make pb great again in my Trump voice v

1 month ago  #2
Level 23
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Agreed, the game is unplayable at this point, literally every click to crime cash is met with a bot test.

23 days ago  #3
Level 29
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Yes the bot verification is very difficult for players to do anything. They come up so often! Sorting this would make it much better for all.

my thoughts exactly--->


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