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Fun game..but...slow?

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Originally posted by DemOlition
Originally posted by DemOlition Hello guys, im obviously new to this game and im really enjoying it...

It's just that..isnt this game a bit slow sometimes?

I mean.. If i play this for 3 hours, 70% of the time is pure waiting, for my stats to recharge or some timer to run out.

I search the yard, i go to the gym, i play some games (2 times/hour), if i can (if the nrg/nrv are ready) ill rob or attack someone...other than that there isnt alot to do..or?

Since im new here, please feel free to tell me some good things to do except of keep waiting all the time

bro if only you know youd be wasting years of your life on here, atleast you made it out in the end and once you quit yuu actually quit, not unlike these undisciplined motherfuckers SCURR SCURRRR

hit ittt quittt ittttttttttt

I mean you didn't exactly waste time on here man, none of us did, PB was the shit back in it's prime, not that I was even around for that I imagine... just a shame to see a game like this die out in the end and for nothing to be done about it! Met some real genuine geezas on here nevertheless though over the years.

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